The purpose of yoga and the benefits of yogas

The purpose of yoga and the benefits of yogas Readers, Yoga has become very popular in the modern age and classes teaching yoga have opened up not only in India but all over the world. But sadly, various misconceptions about yoga have become more prevalent. As June 21 is being celebrated as World Yoga Day, … Read more

Moderate diet and healthy life

Moderate diet and healthy life Just as it is necessary to breathe in order to live, it is equally necessary to give the body the necessary and nutritious food to keep it healthy. In today’s modern world people are going crazy over all the fancy food products but often they don’t get enough nutrition. Small … Read more

12 Breastfeeding Secrets Every Mom Should Know

1. Increase milk supply by pumping the other breast: Trick your body into producing more milk by pumping one side while the baby is nursing on the other. Then at the next feeding, have baby nurse on the side you pumped earlier, and pump on the side he nursed. You can use the extra milk for … Read more