Computer Full Book By Dr Satish Patel Self Publication Gandhinagar – Co Zero

Computer Book By Satish Patel Download For Free,The author of this computer book is Satis Patel. This book will be useful for all students who want to gain general knowledge of computer. Or even preparing for various exams. This booklet will be very useful to you in the upcoming examinations like bean chivalry clerk, bank exam, junior clerk, senior clerk, and computer related exam.

Contents of the book 1. Introducation to Computer 2. Computer Organisation 3. Number System 4. Input Output Device 5. Memory Storage Devices 6. Computer Software 7. Operating System 8. Microsoft Office 9. Database System 10. Data Communication 11. Computer Network 12. Internet Services 13. E-Government 14. Computer Security 15. Important Computer Jargon 16. Abbrivations 17. File Extention 18. Shortcut Command (Key)

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