Geography of Gujarat Bhugol by World Inbox PDF Download 2021

Geography of Gujarat Bhugol by World Inbox PDF

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Mountain ranges

  • Vindhya
  • Western Ghats
  • Satpura range
  • Aravali range
  • Saputara/Sahyadri range


Satellite image of Gujarat
  • Chotila
  • Pavagadh
  • Palitana
  • Saputara
  • Girnar
  • Gabbar


Main article: List of rivers of Gujarat
  • Narmada
  • Tapti
  • Mahi
  • Sabarmati
  • West Banas
  • Shetrunji
  • Bhadar
  • Aji
  • Ghela
  • Rukmavati
  • Vishwamitri
  • Damanganga


According to the WWF, Gujarat covers portions of five terrestrial ecoregions:

  • The Indus River Delta-Arabian Sea mangroves are found in tidal areas bordering the Gulf of Kutch and Gulf of Khambat, as well as in the Indus River Delta of neighboring Sind province of Pakistan.

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Rann of Kutch
  •  The natural vegetation is a dry deciduous forest with trees up to 25 meters in height, with areas of thorn scrub. The vegetation has been much altered by centuries of intensive agriculture and grazing.
  • Northwestern thorn scrub forests cover the Kathiawar Peninsula and the upland portion of Kutch District, extending north into Rajasthan. The natural vegetation is open thorn scrub.
  • The Rann of Kutch is a large seasonal salt marsh in the northwestern portion of Gujarat.



Mandvi Beach – Kutch – Mandvi Wind Farms Beach and Wind-mills, which line the horizon of Mandvi, offer views from the Mandvi sea-beach. The Wind mills projects running in this beach was Asia’s 1st Wind-Mills Projects in 1983.

Mandvi Beach, Kutch

. Chorwad has a high potential of attracting both domestic as well as international tourists.[citation needed] The beach consists of rocky hills and presents an opportunity for boat rides.

Umbergam Beach – Umargam is about 6 km from Umargam Road railway station on Mumbai-Surat rail section. This region was a part of Thane district prior to the creation of Gujarat in 1960.

Umargam is situated on the southern bank of Nargol creek. It was a small village about two centuries ago, serving as a transit point for exporting marine produce from the fishing port Nargol on the Northern Bank of the creek.

Tithal Beach (Valsad) – Tithal beach is 5 km from Valsad.

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