How to make a Free Fire recharge without a credit card

If you are a user of this famous battle royale , it is normal that you want to learn how to make a Free Fire recharge without problems. Diamonds are used for just about anything in this game and many players need as many as possible to advance quickly. Next, we will show you everything you need to know before making your first recharge and that you do not fall for common scams on the web. Let’s get started!

What is a recharge in Free Fire?

When we talk about Free Fire recharge, we mean buying diamonds within the garena game. This is possible in almost every country in the world and with their official currencies. But you must understand what the steps are, since there are also fraudulent websites that offer them and they only want to keep the money.

Why are diamond top-ups so important in Free Fire?

Diamonds are the currencies within Free Fire. Their importance lies in the fact that with them you can buy a lot of things to have a better experience in the game. It should be noted that these diamonds can be found as prizes, but it is more common for gamers to decide to buy them to level up in a short time.

You can imagine diamonds in Free Fire as the currency of your home country. The Chilean, Colombian, Argentine peso, or perhaps the dollar in the United States and the Euro in several European countries. With this you buy items, season pass and many things to unlock skills on your characters.

Learn how to make a Free Fire recharge with this simple tutorial

Now that we are clear about the importance of diamonds, it is time for you to learn about the most reliable ways to make a Free Fire recharge. And at this point you should know that there are two very reliable options. Just pay attention and follow the tips below.

1. You can do it from the Free Fire application

For this you just have to go to your Free Fire profile and at the top you should see the “Diamonds” option. There you must click and select the amount of diamonds to recharge and buy. Once you do, the system will give you instructions to be able to pay in different ways, but mainly with a debit and credit card.

2. Recharge by Pagostore

Pagostore is the official Garena Free Fire website to make purchases and, of course, it is the ideal place to make your recharges in the game. To do this, just go to and select “Free Fire” then it will ask you to log in and start the payment process. You can even meet packages with a large number of diamonds.

Now you understand how to make a Free Fire recharge. The truth is that it is a fairly easy process and is done from official sites. The good thing is that there are many options to pay, the main ones are debit and credit, but there is also the possibility of recharging with PayPal accounts and even financial platforms available throughout Latin America.

Finally, remember to do your process safely, never give out your bank account information or cards. Also, do not enter fraudulent websites that offer this for less, paid diamonds will always have an official amount.

For anything besides our tips, always consult a nearby adult for shopping and have a lot of fun.