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Keeping track of your physical activity can be hard without a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or another workout-tracking device — especially for people who walk as their main form of exercise. The easiest solution is to download step counter apps, most of which work by using the built-in GPS on your cell phone planet.

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Step counter apps work as pedometers and are perfect for any fitness level, whether you’re walking to lose weight or just trying to get to 10,000 steps a day. Many of these activity trackers can also track mileage, calories burned, food intake, and more so you can stay on track to meet your goals.

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It’s important to keep in mind that these pedometer apps aren’t always as accurate as wearable fitness bands, and they can’t monitor heart rate. While many of these apps are free to download, most of them offer some kind of premium version or subscription with added features. These are the best step counter apps and pedometer apps to download on the App Store or Google Play in 2019:

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The Pacer App: “Pedometer – Step Counter, Weight & Calorie Tracker” syncs steps & calories w/ MyFitnessPal and Fitbit! Track your step, walking & weight loss with this free health counter. Lose weight and track walk distance and calories burned using 24/7 step counting from our pedometer, step counter & health tracker app.

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Download the Pedometer app for free to turn your phone into your personal health and weight loss tracker! Lose weight with calorie burning guided fitness plans, step counting and activity tracking. Join our health, fitness and walking community and get fit and actiUpskil

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How Pacer works:-Just download, open and start walking. Our free step counter app will track your steps automatically if your phone is with you

-“Trends:” Track your complete activity history (steps, calorie count, etc.)

-“Explore:” Groups & challenges

-“Me:” Track weight, habits and more. Sync w/ MyFitnessPal & Fitbit.

-“Plan:” Daily exercise plans for your health goals

For Better Accuracy:
1. Go to “Pedometer Preferences” and adjust the Pedometer mode if the step counter is not accurately tracking steps
2. Add our app to your cleaning tool’s “ignore” list so the step tracker doesn’t get shut down

3. No two people walk the same. Adjust step counter sensitivity if needed to improve walking tracker accuracy

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