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Sooryavanshi Movie Review:

Before you and I sit over here and criticize the film for its over-the-top action, lack of physics and logic and Hyper nationalism.

I have to make it clear that our criticism on Twitter and any social media platform is not going to have any effect on the crazy numbers this film is going to collect in The box office.

Sooryavanshi Movie Review

It questions our intelligence and the capability of the Indian audience to think and still will amass hundreds of crores objectively.

The case with Sooryavanshi Movie Review is going to be exponentially different.

Because of the ambition of the film and The star cast that is involved with it.

Let’s first get to what the story of the film is and why I have specific problems with the science and treatment of the trailer of the movie.

So the movie is going to focus on the head of the anti-terrorism squad of Maharashtra.

the anti-terrorism squad of Maharashtra.
the anti-terrorism squad of Maharashtra.

Who identifies that there is going to be a terror attack in Mumbai.

The scale at which is being pitched is way more significant and impactful from Moss’s perspective compared to the other cop Universe films, as it sets up the antagonist about creating social havoc.


If you look at a movie like Singham, the cop gets after the goon responsible for kidnapping extortion and smuggling, and he tackles this from shift guard.


Similarly, in a film like Simba, the police go after a local goon who is responsible for drug smuggling and sexual assault, and he tackles this from Miramar.

So both films are restricted on a local level. The movie is banking on the pan India appeal by focusing on Islamic terrorism, revisiting the troubling history of Mumbai and several attacks since 1993.

history of Mumbai
history of Mumbai

furthermore continually reminding the audience of like-minded and noble Indian Muslims working towards the security of the country.

From a story point of view will create great shades of the antagonist like Kumud Mishra and Jackie Shroff whose families had been brutally killed in previous attacks.

Kumud Mishra and Jackie Shroff
Kumud Mishra and Jackie Shroff

Blame the system and take up arms in seeking for some closure by blowing up the city how the anti-terrorism squad tackles the impending attack ahead in Sooryavanshi Movie Review.

Now let’s come to the biggest problem that I had with the trailer and smaller issues that I want to see just a feature of any Rohit Shetty film the highlight of Simba was Singham’s entry.

Singham's entry
Singham’s entry

Something that was celebrated with hooting and cheering in theatres something that was ruined with the trailer of Simba.

People still talk about how no one any idea that Salman Khan was in Kuch Kuch Hota hai and how his entry left audiences losing their minds in theatres.

Salman Khan was in Kuch Kuch Hota hai
Salman Khan, Kuch Kuch Hota hai

The element of surprise is one of the most joyful aspects to witness and experience in theatres and by basically showing the entry points of both Simba and Singham.

You have fleshed out all the beats of the film and how it will develop.

Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgan could have been minor glimpses in the trailer, but every aspect of the film seems to have just been laid out for us.

Ajay Devgan
Ajay Devgan

Of course, the police force is going to be successful now what do we have to.

I look forward to the minor issues that I have with this film are honestly features that any Rohit Shetty film can’t do.

Ajay Devgan entry, Katrina kaif case in the critical role, like many of the female characters in these cop films.

Singham was dodging a rocket coming his way by casually dipping his shoulder and what is Katrina Kaif doing in this film.

what is Katrina Kaif doing in this film
what is Katrina Kaif doing in this film

While everyone is in the line of fire, Katrina Kaif holding the hero’s hand so yeah makes sense.

See that suspension of reality is inevitable in an action film like this but sometimes you can’t help yourself, but chocolate sterically now let’s get to my other point.

See the ambition and vision of the creator is something that maybe hasn’t been done in several years, and it’s so effective, especially concerning the returns this film will receive.

You have to bow your head to a creator like Rohit Shetty.

First of all, have the vision of these walls coinciding with each other.

To get actors were at the prime of the acting careers in the form of Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh, Ajay Devgan.

Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh, Ajay Devgan
Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh, Ajay Devgan

And get them to share screen space in an action film where Kumar will do the majority of the heavy lifting.

Shows you first the willingness of the actors to collaborate and just the share scale and investment that must be going into getting this done.

Now that I have turned the creator’s horn.

It’s also a bit far-fetched bizarre and well out of line even to consider that this is our dedication towards a superhero universe be it Marvel or DC.

Marvel or DC
Marvel or DC

Because it ta the years of development of characters and worlds in the United States.

You’re comparing a police-office universe that has barely been developed since 2011 to a cinematic universe that has its origins from 1939.

Superheroes like Captain America and Ironman and the characters have been fleshed out since 1941.

Similarly, for an iconic character like Batman since 1943, these characters there was the antagonist and the cities they reside in have been fleshed out for generations.


We are comparing our police universe to a universe that has been developed for now close to a century.

Does dumb down the efforts and create a vision of the Marvel and DC universe.

Brings me to the third point, which is an avid movie fan who thinks about the potential of Hindi cinema in competing with the global market and having characters that can connect with the worldwide audience.

What is the possibility of us having our Superhero Universe?

See we must acknowledge that the Rohit Shetty Cop universe is intended to connect with the Indian market.

Many eccentricities the treatment of action and the problems faced by the antagonist is particular to Indian issues.

Indian issues
Indian issues

To be tackled this further limits the potential revenue of the film which mind you will exceed 200 crores convincingly.

So with this argument, why aren’t we tapping into the rich range of superheroes Raj comics is developed since the last 36 years?

Why are we producing methodological trilogies like Brahmastra and vague superheroes like flying jatt?

flying jatt
flying jatt

When we have such a wide range of characters that can be developed and matched the standards of the international market.

The risk is too high the already set market is niche but trust me the Indian audiences are craving for an excellent Indian superhero film.

Imagine an A-list star backing a film with the character like a wolf, a crossbreed between a human and a wolf.


Personalities within the same being that are at loggerheads with each other in the remote villages of Assam.

A lead female actor taking up the role of Shakti infused with the energy of Goddess Kali, it still blows my mind how we haven’t tapped into developing films from Raj comics.

Goddess Kali
Goddess Kali

The film industry honestly underestimates how the Indian audience will eat up such stories instantly.

So irrespective we know despite whatever I say in this article Akshay Kumar is going to be a roaring success in the box office.

It will, of course, have several issues from a premise or screenplay point of view it will be packed with one-liners meant for the single-screen theatres.

It will only have slow-motion shots of all the heroes and their entries, but the product is lit.

The Rohit Shetty universe isn’t any more different than the Fast & Furious franchise.

Fast & Furious franchise
Fast & Furious franchise

A bizarre over-the-top cheesy guilty pleasure that has the most prominent names and banks millions and we can’t do anything about it.

Though can we expect in the next few years alleged superhero movie from Raj comics being developed.

I would honestly see Doga on the big screen, orphaned as a child, a family mercilessly killed and I hero against the corrupt legal system.

Raj comics
Raj comics

These safety nets will work, but can we strive for authentic brilliance ahead, and that was a review.

Write down in the comments below what you thought about Sooryavanshi Movie Review .