Voice Changer – Best Audio Effects App For Smartphone-The best feature in Android phones is that good and new apps are constantly being created in its operating system. Through these apps, you can easily do many great things in your Android mobile which is not possible on any other OS (operating system).


Android mobile play store has so many apps that it is not possible to try everyone. Like the voice changer, very few people would have tried it. But maybe reading this article today, I would definitely like to try it further in my Android mobile. These are some apps with the help of which you can change any type of voice in your device, that is why it has been named Voice Changer App. So take a look at such great apps below.

Voice Changer – Best Audio Effects App For Smartphone

Feature & Characteristics:

➥ Voice changer app supports many effects.
➥ Voice recording or built-in special effects let you change sound effects instantly.
➥ Customizable sound with effects: echo, Reverb, pitch, tempo, volume, bass, mid, treble.
➥ Listen to great music with bass booster.
➥ Have fun with speed changer (custom effects with Tempo and pitch).
➥ Share audio files with your friends via social networksondering what we offer?
➥ Record and change your voice directly. Save recording file with high quality sound.


Advertisi➥ Set as ringtone, alarm, notification …

➥ You can sound like Robot.
➥ Turning your voice in to girls voice with feminine level(simple mode) and girly, soft voice, voice tone (advance mode)
➥ Turn your voice in to boys voice with masculine level(simple mode) and manly, pitch loud, voice tone (advance mode)

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➥ Very funny sound effects like Helium, Chipmunk and Hexafluoride.

➥ Troll your friends with Alien, Giant and Kid sound effects.
➥ Like talking in phone with phone sound effects.